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Off-Page Optimization

As Search engines evolve, they have begun using algorithms that are far more advanced than what they were, just a few years ago. Therefore, the challenge today, is to improve SERPS through a strong off-page optimization focus. We believe in using a multi-pronged approach to effectively tackle this. Through link building and link exchange exercises, we build strategic partnerships with other websites. This helps improve the back linking efficiencies for our client websites.

Meanwhile, a specialized team of content writers writes key-word rich articles that are relevant to the client. Article submission is then carried out, where in these articles are shared across social bookmarking and blogging platforms such as Digg, Stumble Upon, Wordpress, blogger and many more. We also maintain and update dedicated blogs on behalf of our clients. Directory submissions and link exchanges are some of the other tools we use. This serves to drive traffic via the specialized back links and keywords that are incorporated in each article. Due care is taken to ensure that the articles and blog posts, are of some assistance to the reader, and not merely, a key-word rich repository, that most search engines and users, would label as spam.

The aim is to achieve a high organic search ranking on a continuous basis. This process is carried out for each dynamic keyword. Organic rankings while rated highly; are extremely difficult to achieve. It is therefore our constant endeavor to help client sites in reaching to the top of the search engine rankings. To achieve all this and lots more, we go beyond the code and delve into carrying out thorough, analytical evaluations on the competition. Based on the results, we then tailor our approach accordingly. Thus, we are able to deploy our solutions in a cohesive and effective manner.

Merely implementing on-site optimization measures, whether through us or some other entity is not enough. If you are among you who feel that they can reach and remain at the top of the search rankings merely, though such efforts, then they are WRONG! SERPS are a continuously variable process. As new sites make their presence felt and deploy their own off-page optimization measures, it is not entirely improbable to find today’s top ranked site, fall behind in SERPS with time.

We can help you occupy the top slots in the SERP Ratings and stake claim to those spots by ranking higher than the competition.

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