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Reporting & Analysis

In business, you can be on the right track,
but if you don't move fast enough you'll still be run over.

In business, being on the right track is a job that’s half done. Someone who is slow to react in changing market conditions often gets left behind. This is particularly true in the world of internet marketing.

Reporting & Analysis or Web Analytics is the umbrella term used to describe the tools that provide deep insights into the performance of a website. It is used to track both, the traffic as well as the marketing effectiveness of the site. Most of the information collated in an Analytics report can be summarized as follows:

An analytics report includes the following:

  • Site Usage Data:

    This section contains information on the popularity of the site. Detailed data can be obtained by analyzing the traffic through the site. Insights can be gleaned about the number of visitors, preference of particular pages on the site, the new vs. repeat visitors mix. Even information regarding the percentage of visitors who leave from the landing page itself can be obtained. This information can be laid out in a visually rich layout, to make it easier for analysis and viewing.
  • Visitor Origins:

    A site usually gets its visitors from a wide range of sources. Some come from search engines, others through flyer adverts or links on other site. Social Media platforms too play their own important role in routing traffic to a particular site. Information aggregated under this section, can be analyzed to understand the various sources through whom, the site generates its traffic. This can later be used to strategize and optimize advertorial and revenue spends.

  • Map Overlay:

    A map overlay helps segregate the site traffic based on the country of origin. For example, a popular website may discover expansion opportunities in another region, based on the traffic origin data, populated under the map overlay section. At the other end of the spectrum, a floundering local business may discover that most of its visitors are not locals, and may decide to revamp its site and make it more relevant to its target market. Thus, map overlay data are an invaluable metric in web analytics.
  • Content Synopsis:

    The key to a good website often lies in the quality of its content. It must be refreshed and optimized on a continuous basis, after careful analysis of the visitor feedback. The Content Synopsis or overview is a section that outlines all the information related to the quality of the content. By analyzing the detailed data, clients can then fine-tune the information in order to reap the benefits across key metrics.

Cosmos Creative Services, based in Dubai, UAE deploys multiple analytics tools to gather information for their clients. The information gleaned from the collected data is then shared with clients by way to comprehensive reports that contain detailed insights into their sites.