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Web Development

While the nineties saw a steady rise, the growth and reach of web development in the past decade has been exponential. Apart from the wide spread use of net-enabled devices such as handhelds, tablets and other form factors, the overall digitization of life has been the key reason behind this growth. With Dubai and the UAE being at the center of the tech-revolution, many web development companies have set up shop in recent times. However, one cannot just haphazardly put together some random content and call it a website. There are a lot of technicalities involved and one must make sure that the service provider that they are teaming up with is competent enough for the job.

Web Design, Content, liaison with clients, development of scripts on both, the front end as well as the back end, server setup, ecommerce plug-in and security provisions, they all are included under the expansive term called web development. In the truest sense of the term however, the design elements are usually excluded. Thus, web development services are primarily concerned with the coding and other technical elements that are involved in building a website.

From a simple, static page to the more elaborate layouts containing web applications, e-payment gateways or social capabilities, the web development rainbow is quite the multi-hued one. If a web development project is to be successful, it must be backed up with outstanding support from the design related elements. This is so, because a website with all the technical elements would still fall flat on its face, if it were to be presented with lack-luster design. There are many companies operating out of Dubai, UAE that specialize in various elements of site building. Most of them however, tend to specialize in one or two aspects of the job.  

At Cosmos Star Consultants, we believe in providing end-to-end solutions that can cater to a broad range of requirements. This is why; our team of professionals is comprised of people from multiple design and technical fields. Together, they are well equipped to handle even the most challenging tasks in a balanced manner.

Whether you wish to start on a clean canvas or would wish to re-do your existing site, for a fresh, new perspective, Contact Us today!