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Email Marketing

Without promotion something terrible happens… Nothing

The great product that you have created or the service that you offer has been backed by a strong promotional marketing program. Awareness is increasing slowly, footfalls too are climbing steadily. However, you still feel that there is something lacking, the impact is more obtuse. What’s missing is a direct form of communication that’s simple to manage, is high on resource efficiency and allows for near-instant monitoring. The solution lies in plain sight and yet few fail to capitalize on this potent tool.

In today’s age of web connectivity, an overwhelming majority of people connect online. Statistics have shown that in 2010, there were over 1.97 Billion people that possessed an email address. Together, these people sent out a staggering 294 Billion email messages everyday. Such powerful statistics have led to the popularity of email marketing techniques.

Email Marketing

Email MarketingPopularized by large multinational companies, email marketing campaigns have become a valuable promotional tool. They have been adopted with great gusto, by small and medium businesses alike. Email has proved to be a great asset for marketers trying to contact a large number of loyal or potential customers. It allows marketers to be in constant contact with their target audience. A savvy marketer can then offer value rich service to their customers, earning their loyalty in return.

As the name suggests, constant contact email marketing, involves the sending out of elegantly designed mailers to a select audience. These mailers could contain a mix of informational links and other goods or services that the company may wish to draw attention to. The acceptance and response of the recipients, thus recorded, can then be analyzed for further action, depending on the results.

Email marketing campaigns have proved to be a particularly effective in promoting businesses in the Dubai and UAE, as more and more businesses open up to cost and environmental benefits of this wonderful marketing tool.

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Newsletter Design

Newsletter Marketing is a targeted form of direct marketing; wherein commercial messages are piggy backed onto an email message. Newsletter Design ensures that the key elements are laid out in the form of a tastefully structured email that is full of related information designed to draw the attention of the reader. For a more detailed understanding, simply follow this link.