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SMS Marketing

Without promotion something terrible happens… Nothing

SMS MarketingGlobally, marketers are always looking for the next best thing in promotional tools. It has become common to learn about a new delivery platforms becoming popular on a regular basis. Marketers are keen to have a tool that delivers the message directly to the target market, in real time! This is the case in the Middle-East as well.

With a high ratio of tele-density, UAE is home to over 11 Million active mobile users. Now imagine the possibilities, when you can get your brand message across to such a large captive market. Factors such as a high read through rate and a sizeable expat population makes this a prime market for mobile advertising services. The portability of the cell-phone and the personal nature means that users tend to keep their phones within reach. This coupled with web connectivity, means that cell-phone users are easily accessible.           

The proliferation of bulk SMS services have contributed further to the promotional landscape. As a result, SMS marketing campaigns enjoy a high level of acceptance and popularity in the region. Industries such as those with inventories that see a great deal of churn, real estate companies and financial service providers are prime examples of business categories that have benefitted from promotional methods like mobile marketing.

At Cosmos Creative Services, we maintain an extensive list of mobile number databanks for different industries.  Through careful selection, we can help your brand reach the target segment of your choice. With listings of over 150, 000 participants, we can tailor our campaigns to be as wide or concentrated as desired.

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