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Media Strategy

The internet as you know is a web full of different tools to promote your website. That is why the implementation of the media strategy becomes quintessential and an indispensable portion of online marketing in Abu Dhabi. Along with so many ways to advertise your brand on the web, you will slowly begin to realize that each of these tools have a different target audience. Thus you need to make sure that your campaign has an impact on the right kind of people. Media strategy takes all of this into account before moving ahead with purchasing any form of advertising space online.

Here is what Cosmos Star Consultants takes into consideration in their media strategy:

  • Outcome Measurements

    We first identify the outcomes of the existing campaign through appropriate indicators and data collection methods. With the aid of these outcomes we assume the expected return of investment.
  • Media Environment Analysis

    We update ourselves every now and then on the different kinds of media and their vehicles. We do this in order to find out whether the campaign message will do well or not in the particular environment being selected.
  • Media Research Activities

    Research on the current applicable media selected and the achievements of the prior campaign are conducted to understand consumer behavior. This valuable data may be uninteresting to many web developers, but is never ignored by us.
  • Market Evaluation

    No matter what your goals may be… Not understanding the market you are playing in is like finding your way in the dark. Thus a competitive analysis of your market is very important. The more research you conduct, the better your decisions get. What we do is, follow the case studies of your competitors; by analyzing their success or failure.
  • Cross Media Integration

    Combining various online and offline media is crucial for advertisers. Cross media integration allows you to pass your message from different media platforms and therefore reduces the chances of your product or service becoming unsuccessful. Apart from being aware of the benefits, we never fail to consider the clashes that may occur in cross media integration.